Stop using passwords

Add simplicity and security in your application with OtpOne API

Simplify users’ lives !

Easy authentication, fast, efficient and multi-factors


For all those who are “fed up” with passwords, too numerous and too complex…
For all those whose fear of forgetting their passwords prefer to opt for a unique but easy to remember code that is not secure…

For all those who have already been hacked and/or those who are afraid of the risks of remote data theft…

OtpOne API is the turnkey solution for companies!

We offer you to replace passwords by authenticating yourself in a simple, efficient and secure way on a multitude of services.

With just a few clicks, our solution is deployable and “scalable” across a wide range of platforms and services.


A few numbers

Why we need to replace the password



data leaks are a direct consequence of weak and/or stolen passwords


of employees reveal their passwords to their colleagues

BILLION of stolen identification information reported in 2017

WORKING HOURS per person, each year, spent on the password reset

the most commonly used PASSWORD

* The 2019 State of Password and Authentification Security Behaviors Report  – January 2019

Protect and Share

Protects everywhere and everyone

protecting files everywhere

OtpOne Everywhere has been created for small, medium and large companies. Whether you need to protect your employees’ documents, to share sensitive data with your clients (by refining rights), or simply to reduce your workload: we have the solution!

Authentication in1 click

Easy and secure with : 

  • Security key
  • Smartphone
  • Company certificate
  • Facial recognition
All these means can be easily integrated into your application
pour remplacer le mot de passe.

Easy authentication or multi-factors (MFA)

without passwords.


Sign documents, workflow validation,scan a document

To digitize your documents quickly and easily.
OtpOne API allows you to scan a photo, a document or make a signature from your application.

A complete tool

Security and digitalization


Protect, digitize and simplify

Validate the workflows of your enterprise application with a handwritten signature from your mobile.




Easy integration

A web API,

cloud or on-premise


Replace the password on all platforms, in all languages, using our cloud or on-premise web API.


Integration without programming


Zapier and Microsoft Flow

Add security and digitization without programming with Zapier and Microsoft Flow and our OtpOne API.


Secure applications and plugins

Plugins WordPress, KeePass…

and other to come! 

Secure your files, WordPress login, KeePass databases and systems with our plugins and applications.


A complete solution

In a single product, OtpOne API allows you to add security, simplicity, regulation, digitalization…

Communication IOT & Industrie

Protect your machines and networks

Add secure communication to your applications for your machines and/or connected objects. These connections only require outgoing connections on both sides. This reduces the attack surface and you do not need a fixed IP to connect and operate your remote objects and machines.

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