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Entreprise & Extreme formulas

We have even more advantageous formulas for companies that make more than 10,000 requests per month thanks to our Enterprise (10,000 req) and Extreme (100,000 req) formulas. These formulas allow, among other things, easier re-invoicing and a reduced price per request of up to CHF 0.03 per request.


All functions in your own datacenter

Our services are available on-premise (local installation) if you want to have absolute control over your servers. On-premise you have a unlimited request licence model, that can be used for numerous request and/or for full white markt resell. Contact us for more information.

A request is recorded for each authentication, workflow validation or validation request. The Liberty formula includes 100 free monthly requests, then each additional request you have to pay a fees of CHF 0.09. Each subscription includes a number of requests per month, then a price per additional request.
When you create your first API key, you will receive a credit of 1000 requests in order to develop your application without any license fees.

An API key set allows the integration of OtpOne functions into an application. The monitoring, follow-up and accounting of requests are done by each set of keys. If you want to manage several applications or re-invoice requests per application you must create different API keys.

Some of the proposed formulas have limitations. For example, the Liberty formula does not allow you to define the name of the application that appears on the mobile phone. The consumption management and login interface is limited in its functions according to the chosen formula.

The Pro and Enterprise formulas (not describded) packages provide automated API key creation, as well as access to consumption and full connection events recorded by API key. This allows you to fully integrate the API into your application.